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Vedic Maths 4

Vedic Maths – 4

Left to Right Operations
  • Left To Right Addition
  • Left To Right Subtraction
  • Left To Right Multiplication
  • Vinculum-Multiplication
  • Vinculum-Division
Multiplication - Special Cases
  • Multiplication Using Average
  • Group Multiplication
  • Series Multiplication
  • Series Multiplication – Near To Base
  • Series Multiplication – Near To Working Base
  • Decimals – Addition Of Decimal Numbers
  • Decimals – Subtraction Of Decimal Numbers
  • Multiplication Of Decimal Numbers
  • Division – With Decimal Points And Decimal Division
  • Fractions – Addition And Subtraction Of Fractions
  • Adding Using Vertically And Crosswise With Coprime Denominators
  • Vertically And Crosswise For Non-Coprime Denominators
  • Comparing Fractions
  • Multiplying Fractions
  • Dividing By A Fraction
  • Mixed Practice
Ratio & Proportion
  • Proportion – Solving Ratio Equations
  • Problems In Direct Proportion
  • Problems In Indirect Proportion
  • Dividing The Quantity In A Given Ratio
Square Root & Cube Roots
  • Aryabhatta’s Method Of Finding The Square Root
  • Square Roots By Dwandwa Yoga (Duplex) Method
  • Cube Root-Division Method
Average & Percentage
  • Averages – Using Module To Find The Average
  • Percentages
  • Percentage Increase
  • Percentage Reductions
  • HCF-Vilokanam
  • HCF-Using Lopana Sthapanbhyam (Elimination And Retention)
  • LCM By Vertically And Crosswise
  • LCM Using Anurupyena ( Proportionately)
  • LCM – Using Vyasti Samstih (Specific And General)
Compound Arithmetic
  • The Products Of Sum And Differences
  • Sum/Products Of Squares – Dwandwa Yoga
  • Sum/Products Of Squares – Nikhilam
  • Multiplication With Squares Of A Number
  • Sum Or Difference Of Cubes
  • Product With Cubes Of Two Digit Number
  • Division Of Sums
  • Division Of Products
  • Division Of Sums Of Products
  • Division Of Product Of Sums
  • Division Of Squares And Cubes
  • Square Roots Of Sum Or Product Of Numbers
  • Square Roots Of Sums Of Squares