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World's Fastest Calculating System



All the computational methods of Vedic Mathematics are based on sixteen sutras (aphorisms) that are directly derived from the Atharv Ved, one of the primary texts of the ancient Vedic literature of India. This mental computational system was brought to light in recent times by the Shankaracharya of Puri, Swami Bharati Krishna Tirtha.

On one level, each sutra aphoristically describes the actual computational methodto be used for the various types of mathematical problems. On a deeper level, however,each sutra may be seen as a refined formula for producing a high degree of coherence andorder in brain functioning, facilitating the rapid and precise solution to the mathematical problem.

Ekadhikena Purvena

By one more than the previous one

It is easy to see as a universal principle since all around us we see examples of things following on from other things due to the lawful nature.

Nikhilam Navataha Caramam Dasataha

All from Nine and Last from Ten

Urdhva Tiryagbhyam

Vertically and Crosswise

Paravartya Yojayet

Transpose and Apply

Sunyam Samyasamuccaye

If the Samuccaya is the Same it is zero.

Anurupye Sunyamanyat

If one is in the ratio the other is Zero.

Sankalana Vyavakalanabhyam

By Addition and By Subtraction

Purna Purnayabhyam

By the Completion or Non-completion

Chalana Kalanabhyam

Differential Calculus


By the Deficiency

Vyasthi Samastih

Specific and General

Sesanyankena Caramena

The Remainders by the Last Digit

Sopantya Dvayamantyam

Vertically and Crosswise

Ekanyunena Purvena

By One less than the Previous One

Gunita Samuccayah

The Product of the Sum

Gunaka Samuccayah

All the Multipliers